Send me an email at: CONTACT@RSDEZINES.COM and include your ideas of a design, phone number where I can reach you and any pictures you may have. I will talk with you one on one over the phone or over the internet and help determine exactly what you envision for your mask!

For prices of helmets, click on the PRICE link above. For prices of shirts or other items, email me at CONTACT@RSDEZINES.COM and let me know what design you have in mind and I will answer all questions you have!

You pick your price! The more complicated your design is, the more time it takes to paint. If you want a simple design or simply 1 color, that would obviously take less time than a full-out masterpiece of dungeons, dragons and fire!! My low end price is $175.00 for a single color and my high end price is $300.00 for a full out masterpiece of whatever you can come up with! That includes the helmet and the backplate fully primed, painted and clear coated with 3 to 4 coats of PPG 2042 clear coat.

If you are not in the Pensacola Florida area, you will have to send me the mask in the mail. But...I will split the cost of shipping with you! You can box it and send it through the US Post Office using regular ground mail for 15 - 20 dollars and I will pay to ship it back to you. If you are in the Pensacola area we can meet at your convenience and discuss the mask and design.

From the time I receive the mask until the time you get it back is usually 2 - 3 weeks. If you have a deadline that must be met, let me know and I can determine if this can be done or not. Although I try to get the mask back to you as soon as I can, I will not sacrifice quality for speed! My goal is to have your mask be the best mask I have ever done!

I stand behind my services and guarantee your satisfaction. Before I clear coat the mask I can send you photos of it and make sure it is to your satisfaction. If something is not to your liking, we will keep going until we get what you want! If you have a new mask, if you ever get a chip or have a problem with the clear coat, simply send it back to me and I will repair and re-clear coat free of charge. Already painted masks are $25. You will have to pay for the shipping to get it to me, but I will pay to ship it back to you. This very seldom ever happens.

I accept cash, personal checks, money orders and credit cards. You can use your credit card to make payments through the button below even if you don't have a Paypal account!

I require a down payment of $100 to start a mask or helmet paint job with the balance due when the project is completed! Send me an email and I can answer any questions you might have! Thanks for your time and I hope to be painting your mask soon......!!

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